Common Poisonous Mushrooms in Hong Kong, Herbarium Leaflet F3,  Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department

漁農自然護理署 香港植物標本室單張 F3《香港常見有毒菇類



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People in Hong Kong have recently showed increasing interest in searching for mushrooms in the wild or by the roadside. Most nature lovers are curious about the  myriad shapes, sizes, colors and forms of mushrooms, while others are interested in edibility of mushrooms. Because mushrooms are pretty difficult to tell apart and the edibility of many mushrooms is still unknown, people should never try tasting any wild mushrooms collected themselves. This leaflet will illustrate the nine most common poisonous mushrooms and aim to help readers identify those morphological features, associated toxins and onset of mushroom poisoning symptoms.



Things to remember for appreciating mushrooms:


– Do not eat mushrooms picked from country parks or natural environments. Mushroom species are extremely diverse, and their morphology is always ambiguous and the edibility is largely unknown.

– Do not eat mushrooms from roadside planting areas or urban parks since planting soil may be contaminated with heavy metals, poisonous pollutants or pesticides.

– Do not trust any folklore, such as simple tests or colors, for edibility. The deadly poisonous mushrooms are unremarkably white, yellow-brown or brown.

– Do not eat raw mushrooms picked from the wild and in supermarket. Some chemical compounds in raw mushrooms, such as hydrazines, may make you sick.

– Many mushrooms that have combined features of a membranous ring or large volva on the stalk, scales or warts on the surface of the cap are poisonous.

– Wash your hands thoroughly after touching any mushrooms in the wild.

– If you experience symptoms of poisoning, consult a doctor or go to a hospital immediately. Take the uncooked mushrooms with you and give them to your doctor.

– 切勿在郊野公園或野外採摘菇類進食。因為菇類品種繁多,外觀特徵容易混淆,而且大部分菇菌品種的食用價值不明。

– 切勿進食路邊種植範圍或市區公園採摘的菇菌。因為這些地方的土壤可能含有重金屬、有毒污染物或殺蟲劑,使該些野菇受到污染。

– 不要根據坊間傳聞(如僅靠簡單的測試或外觀顏色)辨別該菇類是否可供食用。因為致命毒菇的顏色往往是平平無奇的白色、黃褐色或褐色。

– 切勿進食任何未經徹底煮熟的菇類(包括在野外採摘及市場購買的)。未經煮熟的菇類內可含有一些引致身體不適的化學物質,如聯氨類。

– 許多同時具有膜質菌環、大型菌托或菌蓋覆有鱗片或疣點的菇類都有毒。

– 在野外觸摸任何菇類後,應徹底清潔雙手。

– 如進食菇類後身體不適,應盡快求醫,並建議患者在求診時帶上未經烹煮的菇菌樣本。.


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